USCID Aims foster sustainable, socially acceptable and environmentally responsible irrigation, drainage and
flood control systems and practices for providing
food, clothing and shelter...


Planning, Operation and Automation of Irrigation Delivery Systems

Phoenix, Arizona

A USCID Water Management Conference

December 2-5, 2014

Preliminary Program now online

Center Pivot sprinkler irrigation is one method used to allow semiarid western lands to produce more abundant harvests. (Photo: USGS)

USCID is a nonprofit professional society, organized in 1952, whose multi-disciplinary membership shares an interest in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of irrigation, drainage and flood control works; agricultural economics; water law; and environmental and social issues affecting irrigated agriculture.

USCID is the United States representative to the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. ICID is an international Non-Governmental Organization linking more than 70 national committees with a common interest in irrigation and drainage.